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We have been helping customers for over a decade to find the best solution to their pest control problems.
"   Product purchased was reasonably priced and will allow me to control my rodent issue without use of a local higher priced exterminator.
Christian Kridler   "
12.10.2012 Ip address : 24.99.28.*** /
"   I was very happy to find the product (copper mesh) as it has been impossible to find locally. My handyman and I went thru the entire basement, plugging in mesh and then foam sealing, and the pest-y problems I was having have stopped. I was happy to have the product SO QUICKLY (not expected!) as the phone helper said she would try to get the product in the mail quickly (I ordered late on a Friday.) Next week - voila! I am very pleased :-D
9C   "
12.10.2012 Ip address : 24.99.28.*** /
"   they were quick to note let me know,, once they found out, that they could not ship the product to Canada. I was given prompt,efficient service.
Ted Adger   "
12.09.2012 Ip address : 24.99.28.*** /
"   We had a flea problem and after using the items I ordered we are now free of the fleas. Thank you very much for the great products.
Mary   "
12.09.2012 Ip address : 24.99.28.*** /
"   The unit is as described. Delivery was much quicker than I anticipated. The construction is adequate for the purpose I have intended.
Allan K   "
12.08.2012 Ip address : 24.99.28.*** /
"   Very satisfied with fast delivery and quality of products. Thank you
Sandra   "
12.07.2012 Ip address : 24.99.28.*** /
"   I would highly recommend pestmall. They sell the same products our exterminators use. Now we don't pay the 120.00 service charge. we treat the problems ourself.
Westy   "
12.07.2012 Ip address : 24.99.28.*** /
"   Order came promptly. Haven't used it's bug-bombs for fleas so it takes some planning!
Smindgen   "
12.06.2012 Ip address : 24.99.28.*** /
"   Great selection of products at very reasonable prices.
Richard   "
12.05.2012 Ip address : 24.99.28.*** /
"   I am a customer for life. The products are priced right. Great deals, and reasonable S & H charges. The product was delivered in good time.
Speedy   "
12.03.2012 Ip address : 24.99.28.*** /
"   PestMall is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to save money. Keep up the good work... Would you like to res
Jaws1885   "
11.30.2012 Ip address : 181.132.8.*** /
"   I am very pleased with the products and the timely delivery. The prices are reasonable for the quality of products.
Grammy B   "
10.20.2012 Ip address : 228.248.225.*** /
"   Delivered Quickly at what I considered a reasonable price and for what appears to be a well made item.
Grrr_Not   "
10.17.2012 Ip address : 65.84.31.*** /
"   found I was out of product and needed right away. Ordered one day, and arrived the next day! I was shocked.
Tom   "
10.17.2012 Ip address : 78.242.178.*** /
"   Good experience!
Cmad   "
10.15.2012 Ip address : 88.243.105.*** /
"   Great job! I received my order in record time which was exceptionally nice. When dealing with bed bugs (or other pests), you want to tackle the issue as quickly as possible...and they made that happen. Thank you!!
Katherine B   "
10.13.2012 Ip address : 147.220.129.*** /
"   Great Service and price.
Tyrone Carreira   "
10.10.2012 Ip address : 49.168.239.*** /
"   I am happy!
Joan   "
10.04.2012 Ip address : 182.221.209.*** /
"   Great job! I received my order in record time which was exceptionally nice. When dealing with bed bugs (or other pests), you want to tackle the issue as quickly as possible...and they made that happen. Thank you!!
Benita Knerr   "
10.01.2012 Ip address : 151.71.83.*** /
"   WE had tried everything to rid our yeard of the ground squirrel, but your trap worked like a charm. To date we have captured and released several miles away from our home the five ground squirrels. Cute creatures, but the noise and holes in our yard was really getting to us.
Shershe   "
09.30.2012 Ip address : 149.83.191.*** /
"   I have to say, it's been a great experience. Good, competitive prices and great products. I'll be shopping at Pestmall in the future.
brazell   "
09.25.2012 Ip address : 80.116.168.*** /
"   This is the only place we can find the Giant Killer gopher bombs that we need to keep our yard pest free. Home Depot used to have them, but changed brands that are not as good. Actually, they are NO good at all. Even if they still had them, we would order from PestMall because of the great price. Very satisfied with product and delivery.
jocooper   "
09.25.2012 Ip address : 45.188.32.*** /
"   I like the products! It worked greatly, I will order and recommend again.
dongly   "
09.24.2012 Ip address : 44.226.163.*** /
"   very great service, went on line found your company and the product we were wanting vere simple and effective order process. product delivered sooner than expected.
patch   "
09.23.2012 Ip address : 247.246.238.*** /
"   Best product we have found for stink bugs.
Neva Ismail   "
09.21.2012 Ip address : 33.206.36.*** /
"   For some reason the confirmation showed the wrong size so I called to confirm the correct size ordered...they corrected the order on their system without hassles.
Betty   "
09.19.2012 Ip address : 197.19.88.*** /
"   Great Service and Competitive Pricing. I have already reccommended PestMall to my neighbors!
Elinor   "
09.17.2012 Ip address : 155.188.98.*** /
"   Great product at a very reasonable price. Will order again in the spring. Thanks!
Lorrie Tuff   "
09.16.2012 Ip address : 224.146.85.*** /
"   It was amazing to order something and have it in my hands within two days! Thank you very much! I will be ordering from you in the future.
Darcy Brasier   "
09.15.2012 Ip address : 43.166.50.*** /
"   I'm satified with the way my order was handled and the fact theat someone called me immediately to verify my shipping address.I haven't used all the products yet, but I will reach out to PestMall after I have.
Louisa Kesner   "
09.15.2012 Ip address : 99.147.15.*** /
"   Great prices even compared to ebay venders. shipping was as expected and the product is just as advertised.
Goose   "
09.13.2012 Ip address : 184.65.19.*** /
"   The delta dust worked great just as I had expected, thumbs up on your product.
Karina Goltz   "
09.13.2012 Ip address : 126.252.8.*** /
"   Th product performed as expected. Arrived sooner than expected.
Cody Alatorre   "
09.11.2012 Ip address : 209.78.83.*** /
"   Received order in a very short time-very satisfied!!!!
Clinton Piel   "
09.09.2012 Ip address : 80.198.199.*** /
"   Excellent selection of products!
Eve Pilkenton   "
09.08.2012 Ip address : 85.13.30.*** /
"   The product performed as expected. Arrived sooner than expected.
Guy Kirts   "
09.06.2012 Ip address : 139.170.113.*** /
"   The ant bait they sent was excellent - worked within one week.
Selena Filmore   "
09.04.2012 Ip address : 80.200.1.*** /
"   Great prices, I wasn't unable to contact costumer service for questions, but I recive what I expect, I think they got a new loyal costumer , price shipment , only I did a mistake, I didn't know 2-3 days free shipment after place order, and I couldn't change.
Chandra Gunkel   "
09.03.2012 Ip address : 118.118.155.*** /
"   I mixed the product as directed for bedbugs. It had no effect on them at all other than making them wet for a while.
Christian Hillary   "
09.02.2012 Ip address : 182.166.124.*** /
"   I will be using the product in my distillation equipment to improve the refluxing and overall quality of the rum.
Allan Rutt   "
09.02.2012 Ip address : 15.138.29.*** /
"   Pleased in all regards.....
Earlene Lambright   "
09.01.2012 Ip address : 18.239.245.*** /
"   I was surprised to find that the brand is actually Mann. The price was about the same as they sell for.
Earlene Schloss   "
08.21.2012 Ip address : 210.232.115.*** /
"   Product purchased was reasonably priced and will allow me to control my rodent issue without use of a local higher priced exterminator
swrobinson   "
11.29.2012 Ip address : 68.180.194.*** swrobin****
"   Let me tell you my personal experience based on this topic; Cockroaches last week were all over the kitchen area. After the lights were off for a while at night, I would turn them on and there were about a few more roaches all around the kitchen counter. We weren't even messy, the place was always clean and we cleaned the counters and stove after cooking food. I put little spots of the gel along the corners of the surfaces and in areas where they could get into the kitchen. Immediately I saw that some cockroaches were interested in it and began consuming it. This got me excited. Over the next couple days, we would find a few cockroaches stumbling around the floor both day and night. And then we stopped seeing them. It's been about a month and I haven't spotted one cockroach since. You can actually trust these reviews because it really does work.
Michael K.   "
08.20.2012 Ip address : 76.109.212.*** /
"   I am a DIY supporter. I don't employ exterminators to take care of my pest problems. I would like to o it myself. So, when my cricket problem got out of control I decided to do something. As per a friend's recommendation I bought 1 pint of Talstar Pro for 28.40. It is a great pesticide. The pests died after I used it on them. It worked really great and the residual effect stays up to 3 months. I can recommend it to anyone.
John D.   "
08.24.2012 Ip address : 38.101.148.*** /
"   My family and I recently moved into a house in Chicago and it is a good house, but with one little problem that frightens our little baby girl very much. I am talking about spider, a heck load of spiders. So, I needed a good insecticide that is safe and controllable to use, because I didn't wanted my family to get in touch of the insecticide. Then I consulted a pest control professional and he recommended the LambdaStar. It is very effective and I must say I am really impressed with it.
Fred G.   "
08.14.2012 Ip address : 92.232.200.*** /
"   Fast Shipping! I was very surprised at the speedy delivery offered by Pestmall. Thank you!
Kristin   "
08.08.2012 Ip address : 38.104.76.*** /
"   Hi, I just wanted to let you know I received the item in record time and am very happy! I'd love to leave you perfect feedback. Again, I am very pleased. Thank you!
Morgan   "
08.02.2012 Ip address : 66.49.16.*** /
"   Thanks for providing bargains for us here on pest mall
julian   "
08.02.2012 Ip address : 70.12.52.*** /
"   Thanks so much i love the bee suit
flyboy   "
07.31.2012 Ip address : 68.224.199.*** /
"   suit size medium is perfect thank you for your time and service 5 stars, have a great day.
Jimmy H.   "
07.05.2012 Ip address : 10.161.225.*** /
"   i thought i would ask one more time for a feedback rating before i send one for you, i received product yesterday thanks
steve   "
06.28.2012 Ip address : 178.137.129.*** /
"   I purchased some Trimec last week and it kicked right in! Thank you.
Joe M.   "
06.16.2012 Ip address : 98.94.81.*** /
"   I have been a loyal customer for the past 3 years and have shared pestmall with my family and friends. Thanks for all your awesome pest control tips!
Min   "
04.18.2012 Ip address : 24.196.217.*** /
"   Great products. competitive pricing. you have my business
Jack   "
04.13.2012 Ip address : 144.188.24.*** /
"   It came so fast! Two days after I ordered it I had it in my hands. I've used Delta Dust before and it's the only thing that works against spiders. Even an actual exterminator didn't work. I've been bitten and it hurts.
Cheryl Elliot   "
04.04.2012 Ip address : 71.227.158.*** /
"   Wow, received my order today. Thanks for the speedy service. Hopefully, the product will work as fast to get rid of the pests. : )
Gail   "
04.04.2012 Ip address : 206.224.96.*** /
"   I recieved the Pest Control yesterday. Thanks for the quick service.
Harry   "
04.01.2012 Ip address : 68.50.127.*** /
"   Thanks to for Shipping time was great and phone support was also good. I apply outside my house and inside, in the bathroom area were bugs appearing, and all I see is dead bugs for a couple of hours. So far so good. I'm sure I will be a return customer.
John D.   "
03.08.2012 Ip address : 76.103.195.*** /
"   I really appreciate free, succinct, reliable data like this.
Krystallynn   "
02.25.2012 Ip address : 74.125.90.*** /
"   Little did I know about insecticides. So when I found pest infestation in my home, I immediately resort to buying any kind of insecticide. This proved me wrong because they were not effective. I then researched and I came across Pestmall’s Suspend sc Insecticide. The label says so much about the product so I bought it and applied it to the infested area. To my amazement, there was a quick result. Great product! Thank you Pest mall!
Jeanne Heller   "
02.01.2012 Ip address : 157.55.16.*** /
JOHN G.   "
01.18.2012 Ip address : 98.21.54.*** /
LANCE G.   "
01.17.2012 Ip address : 38.51.121.*** /
"   You guys are awesome! Fast Shipping.
Rich   "
01.07.2012 Ip address : 112.23.54.*** /
"   Hi, thankParcel arrived Thursday morning ,good timing and hopefully will do more bussiness
V.Zari.   "
01.07.2012 Ip address : 54.44.50.*** devioni2****
"   Thank you, I received my order today ! That was very great service, I will be a returning customer. Have a wonderful day,
Raleigh P.   "
01.07.2012 Ip address : 242.229.29.*******
"   thank you so much, i will follow ur advice, and i appreciate the time you have taken to answer my question, i know i can always count with your support
Malcom C.   "
01.07.2012 Ip address : 72.21.198.*** emaico****
"   Nice, honest customer service. As a customer I am well pleased and will return. Thanks
Harstead   "
01.05.2012 Ip address : 208.54.35.*** Harstead****
"   My second order. The first order was handled very efficiently and arrive within the promised time frame. Very pleased withe the transaction
shesalady   "
01.03.2012 Ip address : 173.247.245.*** shesal****
"   Nice, honest customer service. As a customer I am well pleased and will return. Thanks
Harstead   "
12.31.2011 Ip address : 74.125.156.*** hars1****
"   I'm a clean freak but I guess it just can't be helped that sometimes, I will get roaches...I know that now since I live in an apartment and I know that roaches can travel in the walls. I was worried that I had to keep paying for an exterminator. I can't afford one and of course, I just didn't know what to do. Pest Mall helped me out a lot and was really patient with me. Alpine Gel Piston is super easy to use and it totally works!
Jonathan Long   "
12.30.2011 Ip address : 173.247.245.*** /
"   Very impressed with the knowledgeable technicians on the chat system. They even sent me a copy of the informative chat session for my reference. Very nice...
G. Williams   "
12.23.2011 Ip address : 174.253.3.*** will****
"   I had trouble for many bees in my backyard. So, I bought Bee suit XL with real good price from last week. That's what I am looking for also. Thanks for sunny from
Steward Wood   "
09.20.2011 Ip address : 222.186.24.*** kenwoo****
"   The prices are right and I like the fact that you can always call their 800 number if there are any questions.
David M.   "
08.02.2011 Ip address : 78.121.182.*** kpanko****
"   Thanks for the prompt service!
Robert T.   "
06.25.2011 Ip address : 104.119.18.*** sfharisp****
"   Great thanks. I'm getting anxious for my trap!
Tyler W.   "
03.11.2011 Ip address : 148.42.82.*** lnw****
"   I was suprised at the fast shippihg
Jimmy F.   "
02.05.2011 Ip address : 204.15.48.*** ****
"   I had to let you guys know that you have a 5 star customer service! Anna was OVERdelivering when I inquired about 1 or 2 VERY technical things. I was very impressed Keep it up and do expect me to order stuff again from you every month.
Kim Trotz   "
01.23.2011 Ip address : 184.73.63.*** sun.e.d****
"   I love PestMall!!!! They helped me with my bed bug problem in my new apartment and suggested Bedlam spray. i also bought a bed bug mattress cover. They're by far the best pest control product online store & have great service too!
Stephanie   "
07.12.2010 Ip address : 205.129.191.*** alyssa****
"   I had terrible bed bug problem in my bed and got a service from Pest control company in Florida. But I hate Chemical to treat the bug. And they recommended me " Eco Keeper Bed bug glue trap". So, I placed order to I tried for my bed from last monday. I got rid of many bed bugs from my bed with this Eco keeper. Thanks,
Sunny Dean   "
05.09.2010 Ip address : 121.134.233.*** parkbeck****
"   Excellent opportunity to buy a quantity and free shipping is a huge plus...thank you Pestmall!
Frank   "
04.12.2010 Ip address : 125.195.35.*** frankeib****
"   Great service! got my bedlam sprays on within 2 days. Love pestmall...thnx guys!
Tiffany   "
03.02.2010 Ip address : 31.171.135.*** tiffany.mi****
"   pestmall is awesome! I got my bifen it in a jiffy! Customer support was great as well. A+ in my book.. Will recommend to my family and friends. Thanks pestmall!
Chase   "
08.11.2009 Ip address : 74.115.213.*** dir.sem.r****
"   The service was fast and satisfactory. Also, offers competitive price. I will shop from pestmall again.
BB   "
04.19.2009 Ip address : 72.152.21.*** brynboo****@letyou.know/
"   I have used Pestmall before and was highly satisfied with my purchase and the delivery time. I would use them again
David J   "
01.09.2009 Ip address : 57.105.28.*** davbett****
"   Ordered my bedbug kits on monday, and the shipment was at my door waiting for me after work today. I was expecting it to arrive much later, but overall, I rate this merchant excellent!
Christine Jessica   "
11.30.2008 Ip address : 72.152.21.*** beautychristine****
"   Nice work people.
J K   "
05.10.2008 Ip address : 82.147.38.*** redsky0****
"   You guys are awesome! I called Mon. for help with roach problems, and Sue? (sorry, I forgot your name) was really helpful. I got the package, and you guys sure kno how to pack stuffs! lol. Anyway, thank you very much!
Max A.   "
02.12.2008 Ip address : 201.68.112.*** maxwinner1****