Bait System / Monitoring Stations for termites

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Baiting System for Termites

Baiting system for termites

Unfortunately, there is no real preventative method that will keep termites away or that will guarantee that termites will not invade your house. However, you do need to protect your home from invasions before they infest your home. Furthermore, it is crucial that you control current termite infestations before they damage your house. You can do this by installing Baiting Systems around the perimeter of your house. These are methods of monitoring and controlling subterranean termites. It can be done separately or in conjunction with traditional methods of termite control.

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Why have to use Termite Baits?

Termite Bait Systems provide a method of control of subterranean termites and will also be able to provide a monitoring system to detect infestations before they ruin your house as well as provide a post – treatment monitoring system. Therefore, ultimately, it will save a homeowner thousands of dollars that they may spend on repairing irreversible damages that have been caused by subterranean termites. The proper baiting has proven efficacy by resulting in a reduction of the termite population that has infested the area around a building. Furthermore, subterranean baiting systems are able to add a wider spectrum of prevention and control in comparison to more traditional ground barrier treatments that are done by trenching with liquid termiticides.

Not only do the baiting systems provide an added measure of control and prevention but they are also safer to use. By using a this method, you are not risking the natural environment around your house. It does not require injecting the ground with chemicals, does not disturb much of the soil around the house, and will not lead to potential chemical run-offs that can lead to secondary poisoning or contamination of nearby water sources.

How to Effectively Use termite baiting system. (Inspection,Placement,Monitoring with a Monitoring Device,Monitoring with Termite Bait)

There are several steps involved in correctly using baiting systems which include inspection, placement, monitoring with a monitoring device, and monitoring with termite bait.

  • Inspection: To inspect before setting a baiting system will include noting any possible conditions that may lead to a termite infestation. These might looking things that include areas where there are wood – to – soil contact, excessive moisture that is caused by shade or air conditioning units, areas where stucco sidings meet the soil, foundation cracks, wood piles and wood debris that is left near the structure, and also trees and other foliage or cellulose materials that are near the structure.
  • Placement: The idea of termite bait stations are that you are creating a barrier around the perimeter of the structure. Usually, termite bait stations are placed around the perimeter at intervals of about 10 feet apart. The holes that the bait stations are placed in should be about 6 inches deep and about 1 foot away from the foundation of the structure. When you are digging holes to place the termite bait stations, you must watch for rocks that are buried underground, water pipes, or other utility lines. Once the stations are placed in the holes, tightly pack the soil around the station so that you are able to avoid any air pouches or pockets. Keep in mind that the mouth of the station must be in line with the surface. If it sticks up above the ground, there are chances that it can be pulled out or that it can ruin appliances like the lawn mower.
  • Monitoring with a Monitoring Device: One of the most important parts of termite control with the termite bait system is to regularly monitor. It is also crucial to monitor not only pre-treatment but also during treatment and post-treatment. Generally, for baiting systems, inspection cartridges and/or separate wood cartridges are used to pre-bait the termites into the station. Keep in mind that it does take some time for the termites to find the bait. On average, it can take anywhere between 1 month to 5 months before the bait is found. It is good to monitor and check the bait stations every three months. Do not replace the bait or wood cartridges until after you notice that there is termite activity. Some signs of feeding and termite activity may be mud tubes in the stations, live termites, or even dead termites.
  • Monitoring with Termite Bait: Continue to monitor activity even with the active termite bait in place. Observations and monitors should be made every 3 months. Continue to look for feeding activity and as long as there is continual feeding activity, the active termite bait can be left in the bait station. Once you find that the feeding activity has stopped, you can assume that the subterranean termite colony has been eradicated. Change out the active bait with the wooden inspection cartridge. Keep in mind that because termites cannot actually be prevented, once the termite bait systems are set in the ground, it is good to continuously monitor them. Monitoring programs should continue every three months and homeowners should continue to check for signs of subterranean termite infestations.

If you have any questions on how to set up termite bait systems around your house or if you have questions on the biology of subterranean termites, please feel free to talk to one of Acepestcontrolproducts’s representatives at 1-888-543-4142.

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Q. how to cancel an order?
A.   If your order was placed after hours or in the mornings before 12 PM EST, you must contact us to cancel the order before 3 PM EST. The best way ensure the cancellation is to call us at 1-888-543-4142. If your order has already been shipped, unfortunately, we will not be able to cancel it.
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Q. can anyone purchase Boracare Termiticide
A.   Yes, anyone can buy Boracare from our web store. We do have a broker's license that allows us to sell it to the general public AS LONG AS they are using it for personal pest control and not for commercial resale or distribution.
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Q. How scoops of cyber wp goes into a 32oz bottle of water.
A.   Depending on the target pest, the dilution rate of Cyper WP is 1 or 2 scoops per gallon of water. Please refer to the product label for a list of the target pests and the dilution rate according to the target pest. Thank you.
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A.   There are several different products for Dust Mite control. Look into Steri-fab, which is a spray that does not have a residual but is great for an initial treatment or one time treatment. Also, Bedlam Bed Bug Spray has dust mites on the product label that is a great product as well and has a short residual of about 1 week to 2 weeks.
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Q. I Live in New York. Can I purchase Boracare Termiticide?
A.   Yes, you can. Boracare is registered in the New York.
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Q. What product to get for DrywoodTermite and will you shipped to Hong Kong
My mother has an apartment (on the 9th floor) in Hong Kong and she found termites. I believe they are drywood termites and she is looking for a spray to prevent the termites from developing again. I wonder if you can recommend a strong product and easy to apply - just spraying at the spot will be great. I also wonder if you shipped directly to Hong Kong. Thanks for your help.
A.   Premise Foam seems like the product you are looking for! However, we are unable to ship the product to Hong Kong due to strict regulations on international shipping.
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