How to get rid of stink bugs

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Stink Bugs
Size: 0.68"
Color: Brown or Green
Habitat: Plants and shrubs
Found: Worldwide

Need To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs?

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Stink bugs are approximately 0.68" long and are colored in shades of brown or green. Stink bugs are harmless to humans. However, they could become pests once they're in your home. Stink bugs, similar to skunks, release an unpleasant odor as a defense mechanism preventing predators from attacking, hence their name "Stink" Bugs. Moreover, stink bugs release this smell almost every time they land to ensure protection around them. The worst part is, the smell will last a very long time (up to 6 months!) and it will attract more stink bugs, creating a hibernating bin. Could you imagine if you had a stink bug infestation within your home? It is vital that you apply concentrated pesticides to get rid of them before your stink bug problem gets worse.

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Stink Bug Treatment

Stink bugs will not only "stink" up your house, but they could also cause severe damage to your garden. Their diet usually portrays of fruits and vegetables (they have also been seen eating other smaller insects). Because of their picky eating habits, stink bugs nibble small bites here and there switching from fruit to fruit, vegetable to vegetable. Thus, potentially damaging your whole garden in just a couple of days. Like many other insects, stink bugs are also attracted to light which is one of the reasons why these bugs are often found indoors. Another reason why stink bugs are lured indoors is due to the warm climate inside of your home(especially during the winter).

Stink Bug Control

When managing these pests, be sure to be careful. In addition to their horrible smell, stink bugs can also bite. In terms of stink bug insecticide and choosing which insecticide to go with all depends on the infestation location. There are various ways to treat stink bugs. If your outside garden is your main concern, you should look into permethrin concentrated insecticides which includes granules and stink bug sprays. If indoor infestation is your problem, you need cypermethrin concentrated sprays. Cypermetrhin based sprays can be used as a killer spray and repellent spray. Moreover, you should also look into dust and powder form insecticides. Applying dust and powder form insecticides can be very helpful covering crawl spaces and crevices. Ensure the control of your stink bug problem by combining different formats of insecticides.

Stink Bug Control Product Types

  • Concentrated Liquid Insecticides for Stink Bugs
    Wide variety of liquid insecticides to handle outdoor & indoor stink bugs.
  • Stink Bug Aerosol Sprays
    Use professional grade stink bug sprays to manage your stink bugs.
  • Outdoor Stink Bug Granular Baits
    Perfect for outdoor preventive stink bug insecticide. Particularly great for gardeners.
  • Dust Insecticides
    Used for crack and crevices. Prevent stink bugs from sneaking in while dehydrating them.
  • Powder Form Insecticides
    Also used for crack and crevices. Effective spot treatment.
  • Stink Bug Kits
    We recommend our stink bug kits to all of our patrons. Be prepared for stink bugs using several suggested pro-grade stink bug pest control products.

Kill and Remove Stink Bugs

Stink bugs can be spotted during the fall and winter months. During the fall, you will begin to notice more stink bugs invading your home. Prevent this from happening by taking preventative measures. Use our professional grade insecticides to remove and kill stink bugs. Stink bugs can be a nuisance when getting rid of them, so it is recommended that you act ahead of time using our presented treatments below. Rely on our pest control stink bug products to effectively remove your stink bugs.

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A.   If your order was placed after hours or in the mornings before 12 PM EST, you must contact us to cancel the order before 3 PM EST. The best way ensure the cancellation is to call us at 1-888-543-4142. If your order has already been shipped, unfortunately, we will not be able to cancel it.
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Q. can anyone purchase Boracare Termiticide
A.   Yes, anyone can buy Boracare from our web store. We do have a broker's license that allows us to sell it to the general public AS LONG AS they are using it for personal pest control and not for commercial resale or distribution.
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Q. How scoops of cyber wp goes into a 32oz bottle of water.
A.   Depending on the target pest, the dilution rate of Cyper WP is 1 or 2 scoops per gallon of water. Please refer to the product label for a list of the target pests and the dilution rate according to the target pest. Thank you.
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Q. What kills dust mites. Benzrid?
I had a bed couch steam cleaned and now keep getting bit by mites I covered the mattress allergy plastic cover How can I get rid of mites apparently in the rug :? What should I do Had the couch cleaned on the 9/7 applied cover 9/17
A.   There are several different products for Dust Mite control. Look into Steri-fab, which is a spray that does not have a residual but is great for an initial treatment or one time treatment. Also, Bedlam Bed Bug Spray has dust mites on the product label that is a great product as well and has a short residual of about 1 week to 2 weeks.
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Q. I Live in New York. Can I purchase Boracare Termiticide?
A.   Yes, you can. Boracare is registered in the New York.
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Q. What product to get for DrywoodTermite and will you shipped to Hong Kong
My mother has an apartment (on the 9th floor) in Hong Kong and she found termites. I believe they are drywood termites and she is looking for a spray to prevent the termites from developing again. I wonder if you can recommend a strong product and easy to apply - just spraying at the spot will be great. I also wonder if you shipped directly to Hong Kong. Thanks for your help.
A.   Premise Foam seems like the product you are looking for! However, we are unable to ship the product to Hong Kong due to strict regulations on international shipping.
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