Premise Foam Termiticide - 18 oz. (Not for Sale to: NY, SC, CT, MA, AK)

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Premise Foam Termiticide - 18 oz. (Not for Sale to: NY, SC, CT, MA, AK)
Premise Foam Termiticide - 18 oz. (Not for Sale to: NY, SC, CT, MA, AK)
Premise Foam Termiticide - 18 oz. (Not for Sale to: NY, SC, CT, MA, AK)
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Premise Foam Termiticide - 18 oz. (Not for Sale to: NY, SC, CT, MA, AK)
1 can (18 oz.)
Premise Foam Termiticide - 18 oz. (Not for Sale to: NY, SC, CT, MA, AK)
2 cans (18 oz.)
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Premise Foam Termiticide - 18 oz. (Not for Sale to: NY, SC, CT, MA, AK)
1 Case (12 cans)
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Premise Foam is a premixed foam solution delivering the same trusted performance of Premise Termiticide. Widely used by PMPs, Premise provides excellent control of subterranean termites and other wood-infesting insects by eliminating instead of repelling the pests. With Premise foam, treatments can be done immediately on the spot.

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Premise Foam Termiticide - 18 oz.

Premise is now available as a premixed foam solution for termite treatments. Premise Foam is available in 18-ounce, easy-to-use cans that eliminates the hassles of mixing and the need for bulky application equipment. Each container can produce approximately 5 gallons of foam. Like Premise 2, this product is formulated as a non-repellent for thorough and effective control.

Why Should You Use?

Premise Foam makes termite control easier with its convenient packaging.

Target Pest(s): Subterranean Termites, Drywood Termites, Dampwood Termites, Carpenter Ants, and other wood-infesting insects.
Manufactured By: Bayer
Active Ingredient: Imidacloprid - 0.05%
Size: 18 oz.
Yield/Application: Each 18-ounce can yields 5 gallons of foam
Not For Sale To: CT, NY, SC

Directions for Use

The product is intended as a supplemental tool for termite control and should not be used as a stand-alone treatment or as a substitute to mechanical alterations, structural or soil treatments. Place injector tip into cracks and crevices, voids and other small openings where insects are known to hide. Drill small holes to receive the injector tip in order to properly dispense the product in inaccessible areas of infestation. Allow the product to expand fully inside voids. To avoid runoffs, keep the injector tip in position for 5 seconds after releasing the trigger. Read the product label for application directions.

Where to Apply

Premise Foam is labeled for use in pre- and post-construction stages of residential, commercial and industrial buildings and structures.


Do NOT contaminate streams, rivers, or waterways with this product or used containers.


Keep out of reach of children.


Dispose of can by putting in the garbage or leaving it at an appropriate metal recycling collection point.


Will irritate the eyes and skin. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. If product on skin immediately wash area with soap and water. If product in eyes wash it out immediately with water. Wash hands after use. When using the product, wear cotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist and washable hat, elbow-length PVC gloves and face shield or goggles. After each day use, wash gloves, face-shield or goggles and contaminated clothing.

Please refer to and follow the information on the Premise Foam label

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5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Jan Palmer  (Posted on )

This is so effective!

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Rated by   Eleanor Martin  (Posted on )

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Rated by   Debbie Peck  (Posted on )

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Sue English  (Posted on )

I found termites inside the vicinity and hired an exterminator and ended up paying much more than the expected. I was even more upset with the happenings. Days passed, I decided to look for a low cost termiticide to help me eliminate unwanted termites. My friend called me and said that I should visit this site. When I went here, I saw this very affordable product for only $ 21.50. I was able to purchase this Premise Foam Termiticide. And when I used this, it’s so helpful and effective. Thanks to my friend, to Pest mall and to this very amazing product who helped me alleviate the existence of termites.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Vicki Davies  (Posted on )

I really had the worst day ever in my entire life when I found out that our place was infested with so many termites so I decided to call my friend and told me to visit the Pest mall site. When I went to the site, I was pleased with the products and I saw this Premise Foam Termiticide and instantly added this to my cart. When I received the product, I instantly used it and it really did well. Highly recommended!

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Jessica Holder  (Posted on )

I will recommend this to everyone and continue to keep supporting this site and this product. Five stars for Premise Foam!

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Ruby Church  (Posted on )

I am thankful that I was able to have this product who helped me lessen the existence of termites in the area It’s really affordable and you don’t need to do so many things to use this.

4 of 5 Stars! (4/5)    Review by   Audrey Padgett  (Posted on )

Two thumbs up and absolutely five stars for you!

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Heidi Hernandez  (Posted on )

I am so contented that I am now termites free!

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Rated by   Crystal Tate  (Posted on )

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Nicholas Wrenn  (Posted on )

It’s handy and easy to use. Thank you so much.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Rated by   Bernard McCarthy  (Posted on )

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Tracy Clayton  (Posted on )

I just placed the injector tip at the cracks and crevices and was pleased with the result. Thank you and I will continue to support this and also recommend Premise Foam to everyone. Thank you so much.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Marian Cooper  (Posted on )

I applied the Premise Foam Termiticide into wall void and was pleased with the result. It’s so helpful to me and to our house.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Ron M.  (Posted on )

My neighbor’s house was infested with termites. He called an exterminator who charged him a huge amount of money. My budget is really tight right now so I needed a cheaper alternative. The Premise Foam Termiticide was exactly what I was looking for. I got 5 gallons of the stuff for about $20 and it completely cleared out the termites I found around my property. I don’t know what I would’ve done without it. Thank you so much!

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Alphonso J.  (Posted on )

I was horrified to have found termites on my property. I’m no pest control expert, I’m not even that handy around the house. I wanted something that would kill these termites quick and not cost me a lot of money. I had found some other products that were either too expensive or required mixing and using sprayers. I decided on the Premise Foam Termiticide because it seemed really easy to use and it was. It killed any termites that I could get to and I haven’t seen them since. This stuff was really great and I actually have a bunch left over. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Do You Have a Question about this Product? Ask Our Experts!

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Q. Which Termite Foam products (Premise, Fastout CS, Alpine Ant/Termite) are safer?, how toxic?
Which Termite Foam products (Premise, Fastout CS, Alpine Ant/Termite) are safer?, how toxic? Which one is more effective? and popular? Are these all for Do-it-Yourself (Non-professional)
A.   Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a "safer" termiticide. All of our products are professional grade but can be shipped to general consumers if the product is registered in that state for DIY application. Of all the foams, Premise is the most popular foam termiticide but we do not have a product that is more effective or better than the other. It will really be a matter of the location of the infestation and how you apply the product. If you have any questions about application of Premise or other termiticide products, please feel free to contact us at 1-888-543-4142.
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Q. premise termite control
I would like to buy 2 cans of foam and 6 extra extra nozzles. I am treating wood that is currently infested. My plan to cut out the badly infested wood 2 X 4 wood and inject the holes that are exposed after I cut the wood out. Not sure if there are different nozzles to treat the wood memeers?
A.   we don't have extra nozzles for sale but each can of Premise foam includes 2 different application tips for 1 nozzle.
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Q. Do I need to seal the holes after I treat with the premise foam?
A.   Yes. After treating the infested area with Premise Foam the holes need to be sealed. It can be sealed using trebor triple seal plugs
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Q. Premise Termite Control Foam
Hi,once activate the foam does it keep spraying after you release, in other words is it a one time use bottle?
A.   No, the amount you spray will be controlled by the applicator. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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Q. Does Premise treat all types of termites?
A.   According to the Premise Foam label to target Subterranean Termites and other wood destroying insects.
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Q. Is it still active after the foam dies out?
A.   Premise Foam is a residual pesticide meaning it still works after the foam dries. Please keep in mind that Premise Foam is an immediate solution and not a wood treatment termiticide that protects the wood for a long term.
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Q. How far apart should I drill the holes?
A.   The usual treatment recommendation is about every 12 inches apart.
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