Pantry Beetles

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Pantry Beetles
Pantry Beetles
Size: 1/16 - 3/16"
Color: Reddish brown
Infestation: On food items
Found: Worldwide

Pantry Beetle Control

Homeowners may experience an infestation in their stored products. The pests that attack stored products are more commonly known as pantry pests and by the time they are discovered, they may have already caused some severe damage to the products in the pantry.

Among the common pantry pests, pantry beetles are the largest and the most regular infestation. there are about 87 different species that are noted to potentially invade homes and destroy grains and other materials that are stored in the pantry.

Although carpet beetles are persistent and may seem hard to get rid of, they are not impossible to eradicate. With thorough inspections and applying correctly labeled pesticides, homeowners can completely eliminate carpet beetles from their homes.

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Pantry Beetle Identification

There is a wide variety of representing species of beetles that are included in the group of pantry pests including weevils and other pantry beetles. All species of pantry beetles and weevils will vary in size and color, depending on the species, however, they will remain similar in shape.

In general, pantry beetles are very small beetles, ranging in size from about 1.5 mm - 5 mm in length. Pantry beetles are generally oval in shape and elongated. Their color differs depending on the species of carpet beetle, however, most pantry beetles will be a shade of brown or reddish-brown.

all stages of carpet beetles are present in an infestation, but the most damage is done by the larval stage. Carpet beetle larvae ore often grub-like or worm-like. They are about 1mm long and are pale in color with black heads.

Pantry moth larvae look very similar and so most professionals or homeowners that are inspecting for an infestation will look at the webbing. Although pantry moth larva spin webs in infested food materials, the larva of pantry beetles do not spin webs and so often times, the lack of webbing will aid in identifying the type of infestation.

Pantry Beetle Damage

In the house, pantry beetles are most often going to be in, around, and near stored food products, hence their generalized common name, "pantry beetle." This area that is near or surrounding stored food products is where pantry beetles will spend most of their lifetime. In other words, this is where a pantry beetle completes their entire life cycle.

Different species prefer different foods and therefore the stored food materials that are infested may vary depending on the species of pantry beetle that is infesting your pantry. The materials that are damaged by pantry beetles are dried foods which include dried fruits, cereal, flour, different spices and herbs, dog or cat food, and etc. When infestations are heavy, pantry beetle infestations become more difficult to treat because individuals may be found in areas around the home that is far away from their initial food source.

How to Get Rid of Pantry Beetles

The key to carpet beetle control is sanitation. If a carpet beetle infestation is notices and the beetles have no migrated, all infested materials must be disposed of. Trying to sanitize the materials can be tedious and sometimes takes more time than you can afford. once the infested material is thrown away, other materials must be inspected for any possible infestations. Old or expired materials should be disposed of and non-infested materials must be placed in air tight containers.

The shelves, drawers, cupboards, floors, and walls of the area surrounding the infested area must be thoroughly cleaned. Regularly cleaning and ridding your pantry of old material will also be effective prevention methods.

Pantry Beetle Removal

To completely eradicate a pantry beetle infestation, sanitation, as well as a monitoring system in conjunction with a chemical treatment will be the most effective.

In order for a good monitoring program for pantry beetle control, the use of glue boards will work the best. Most glue boards and traps that are labeled for pantry beetle control use a natural pheromone attractant, which lures the beetles into the traps. They should be placed in areas of infestation and out of reach of children and pets.

Appropriately labeled foggers are effective for an initial treatment. A homeowner should retreat the infested area periodically with a pressurized aerosol spray that is labeled for pantry beetle control will ensure lasting control. The aerosol can be used to treat the baseboards, the corners, and shelves of the pantry or infested areas. ALL items should be taken out before chemical treatment is applied. Keep in mind that all treated areas should be left alone to dry before you come in contact with that area again as well as before you put non-infested materials back into the pantry.

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