Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations

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Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations
Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations
Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations
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SKU: B0058
Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations
1 bag (72 Stations)
Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations
1 Case(S)(4 bags)
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Get 4 for only 42.00 each
Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations
10 Case(S)(40 bags)
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Maxforce Roach Bait Stations targets for all types of roaches. The Maxforce Roach Bait Stations are child resistant and easy to use just place them in areas of high infestation. The active ingredient in Maxforce Roach Bait Station, Fipronil has a domino effect which exposes to the whole colony by coming into contact with other either by feeding or grooming. The field tests results show that 75% of the populations decreases in just two weeks.

Customers Reviews(19)
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Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations

Maxforce Roach Bait Stations are one of the most popular bait delivery systems for cockroaches. The bait stations have a childproof design, making it safe for use in semi-exposed areas inside homes. Maxforce Bait Stations are designed to provide harborage and ideal feeding environment for cockroaches. Stations keep the highly attractive bait effective for up to a year, saving costs. Maxforce Stations contain Fipronil and offers the same 'domino effect' of kill to both bait averse and non-averse cockroaches.

Why Should You Use?

Maxforce Roach Bait Stations increases the efficiency of Maxforce Bait Gels by keeping them fresh and contaminant free for a year.

Target Pest(s): Cockroaches (American, Brown-banded, German, Oriental, Smokey-Brown)
Manufactured By: Bayer
Active Ingredient: Fipronil - 0.05%
Size: 1 bag with 72 stations
Yield/Application: 4 - 6 stations per 100 square feet
Not For Sale To: No Restrictions

Directions for Use

Place bait stations in areas where cockroaches are seen. Pay special attention to dark, moist and warm locations where these pests typically hide. Bait stations may be stuck to vertical surfaces or kept in position by peeling the protective covering and exposing the adhesive surface behind the station. Place 4 to 6 stations per 100 square feet. Do not place more than 24 stations in residences. Avoid placing stations on surfaces recently treated with insecticides. Inspect bait stations regularly and replace as necessary.

Where to Apply

Maxforce Roach Bait Stations are labeled for use indoors and outdoors of apartments, homes, hotels, motels, transports, food/feed handling and processing establishments, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, day care centers, laboratories, health care facilities, pet shops and zoos.

Please refer to and follow the instructions on the Product label.

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5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Libby Sherrill  (Posted on )

Maxforce roach bait January 2113
I have a building with 3 apartments and was having a terrible time with roaches. We have cleaned and sprayed and there were still there. I received the roach bait in November and put them in all three apartments. I started seeing dead bugs immediately and am pleased with the results. I will use this in all my rental property.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Nina Beach  (Posted on )

pest control roaches
Let me tell ya'll a story, about a young lady that was almost at her wits end. I'm talking nagging everyday because for some reason after living in a house with no pests for over a year, we have roaches, lots of them. I mean I'm nagging, blaming, pointing fingers, yelling, crying. Not a good feeling when you see a whole bunch of critters running amuck your house. So after awhile, I stopped being victim and became a warrior goddess. Enough is enough. Did my research, almost went with something else until I came upon Maxforce.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Tiffany McClure  (Posted on )

roach pest control
The pest control company estimated my whole place about 350$ cost. I checked on the net Google recommended alpine cockroach bait from I booked order online and appreciated their quick response on the delivery. Thanks to their expert personnel who demonstrate to us how properly apply the bait. The result is better than we’ve expected. To I’ll be your regular costumer from now.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Monica Wright  (Posted on )

I was so frustrated when I noticed cockroaches inside my house. I searched for places where they usually reside and I find it under the sink so I added Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations to my cart and when I received it, I placed Maxforce FC Roach Bait under the sink. After a few days, the roaches were gone. Thanks.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Sherri Kelly  (Posted on )

I suppose one can think about this maxforce roach station for application once every year or so to prevent cockroach build up.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Sandra Gross  (Posted on )

pest control for roaches
My garage measures like three cars inside parked. When I have weekend repair I saw roaches in my toolboxes. The roaches are nesting in dark spots inside. I requested a home service for pest control and they just sprayed the whole areas cockroaches run and hide, few are died. After weeks the infestation continues, bugs are returned in their base. I finally find a solution about this problem with Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations. The cockroaches and other bugs or insects are attracted to eat, after an hour they poisoned and stop for infestation.

4 of 5 Stars! (4/5)    Review by   Anita Honeycutt  (Posted on )

Immediately after just one application diy roach trap in our home, the occurrence of cockroach has decreased by more than 90%. For a few days after the application, we could see cockroaches suffering from the actual poison (they were slow, having difficulty to walk, etc)

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Ryan Lam  (Posted on )

german roaches control
I found out a heavy infestation of German cockroaches in the kitchen after moving in to a new house few months back. So, I used Maxforce roach killer bait station. I used the gel under the stove, under the faucets and in the corners. And after few days there were only dead cockroaches and no living ones. I am very pleased with the outcome and going to buy another box soon.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Rachel W.  (Posted on )

I had a bad roach problem at my last house so I was terrified that I would develop one in my new home as well. I decided that I should use some preventative measures so I looked at some bait stations. The Maxforce Roach Bait Stations were a much better deal than the ones I saw in stores. I got so many bait stations I even gave some to my friend. I’ve been completely roach free since moving in and I am so glad that I have these.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Joy Morrow  (Posted on )

effective roach control
One application and the roaches were totally wiped out.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Lester Riggs  (Posted on )

control roaches
My mother brought 1 bag of Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations and applied in the kitchen and other places where there’s bug activity going on. Every morning we do our task to collect dead bugs in the spot. After 1 week it feels comfortable that roaches are gone.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Tori B.  (Posted on )

best roach control products
I run a small motel that has a number of different rooms. Luckily, we haven’t had a major roach problem but some of the guests can be messy and have reported seeing one or two at various times. I used to buy the bait stations from the local hardware store but they were quite pricey. I found Pestmall and ordered the Maxforce Roach Bait Stations and saved myself a lot of money and time. These things are really great and the quantity is good too.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Vickie Kearney  (Posted on )

do it yourself roach control
After suffering for years and spending hundreds on ineffective insecticides I was skeptical. Roaches made my life a living hell. Though I tried it and I am surprised that it has been really successful. It is very easy to use and can be applied almost anywhere!!! After the first application I was cockroach free for more than 30 days. Thanks Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations and PestMall for helping me out.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Randy Beck  (Posted on )

roach infestation control
My little sister Nelly was almost at her wits end. I'm talking nagging everyday because for some reason after living in a house with pests for over a year, we have roaches, lots of them. Nelly was nervous, blaming, pointing fingers, yelling, crying. Not a good feeling when she sees a whole bunch of critters running around. So we decided to apply pest control in our home. Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations was my hero on this infestation.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Marguerette P.  (Posted on )

I hate roaches. They gross me out so much you can’t even understand. I was horrified when I started seeing them around my house one summer. I hate the smell of roach spray and never had any luck with the store brand products. A friend of mine, who does his own pest control, referred me to I found the Maxforce Roach Bait Stations and thought I would give them a try. They were so easy to use, all I had to do was pull them out of the bag and place them where ever I wanted. I haven’t seen any roaches since I’ve started using them and I couldn’t be happier.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Lynn Silverman  (Posted on )

roach control products
My leased building was infested with roaches over three years ago. I attempted many different gels, spays, foggers, boric acid......... nothing worked. I bought 3 bags of Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations, used only 2 rounds in my building and the results were incredible.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Jacqueline Aldridge  (Posted on )

best roach control
It is indeed a superb roach killer baits product and highly recommendable.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Kathryn Melton  (Posted on )

roach control in apartments
I am glad that this diy roach control thing is working.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Dan T.  (Posted on )

I had hired an exterminator to take care of my roach problem. He sprayed a bit, laid some gel bait and then put out some bait stations. I mentioned that the bait stations looked like the ones I had seen in stores but he told me they were much stronger. We wanted to come back every few months to reapply but I couldn’t afford it. I went online and purchased the Maxforce Roach Bait Stations and some gel bait. Now I have the same exact products he was using but I’ve saved so much money. Thank you Pestmall!

Do You Have a Question about this Product? Ask Our Experts!

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Q. keep children safe
Is maxforce fc roach bait station safe around children?
A.   Yes, Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations have been designed to be tamper proof by pets and children.
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Q. Maxforce FC Roach Control Small Bait Stations Bag of 72
I purchased some products from you a few weeks ago for roaches. The cyper wp has been working great. I want to apply the maxforce magnum gel bait in the attics. Is it okay to purchase these Maxforce FC Roach Control Small Bait Stations to use along with the magnum in the attic. Also do you sell something that I could put the magnum on, like small bait trays, or can I just apply it directly on the floor in the attic?

Thank you for contacting us with your question.

We're glad to hear that the cyper wp has been working great for you! If you would like to use the Maxforce magnum we strongly advise that you keep the cyper wp away from the magnum because the two chemicals are different methods of kill.

Cyper wp being a contact kill insecticide and Maxforce Magnum being a bait kill. Therefore the two can counter act one another if used incorrectly.

For putting out bait stations in the attic you do not necessary need to use both bait stations and gel baits.

If you are treating for German roaches then it would be okay to use the bait stations as well, but if it were to be any bigger roaches such as American roaches that you are infested with they will not be able to fit into the bait stations.

Using the Maxforce magnum gel baits alone would still due an efficient job.

If you decide to put the gel baits inside bait trays, it will serve the same purpose as the bait stations so it would be best to just squeeze some of the gel out of the syringes in 3-5 spots with in every 10 linear feet.

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Q. control roaches
How many stations should I place in our house to control roaches?
A.   According to the Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations label, you should not place more than 24 stations in residences to control roaches. Really, only 2-4 need to be used per concentrated area of the home.
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Q. Which is more effective in eliminating brown banded roaches Hydramethylnon or Fipronil?
I'm planning on using bait stations but not sure if i should use Hydramethylnon or Fipronil based stations.
A.   The Hydramethylnon bait stations are made for the larger roaches. The Maxforce FC with Fipronil will not fit the large roaches and so you should use the bait stations with Hydramethylnon for brown banded roaches.
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Q. Maxforce FC Roach Control Small Bait Stations Bag of 72
Hi, could you possibly tell me what the difference is between these MaxForce bait stations in this red bag, and the ones that come in the blue bag? I've used the ones in the red bag before, and loved them, but I want to make sure I'm getting the right thing.... thanks so much! Nina
A.   They are the same product. The Red and Gray bag is an old design to the packaging and the blue bag is the new packaging design. However, the contents in the bags are the same.
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Q. maxforce roach bait
1) Is there an expiration date on these baits? If I open the bag must they be used by a certain date 2) How long is each one effective for? For example, the ones in the store have to be changed every 3 or 12 months....How often do these have to be replaced?
A.   The shelf life of Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations is indefinite if it is stored in a cool dry place and the stations are sealed. Once they are placed, you should check for activity every week during treatment and the stations should be replaced every month.
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Q. maxforce roach bait stations
How often should I replace maxforce roach bait stations?
A.   We recommend inspecting Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations regularly (every two weeks) and replace as needed for continuous control of roaches. The bait station will last up to 2 months.
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Q. how many stations should i use?
I know its says not to use more than 24 in a home. But it says to place 4-6 stations every 100 sq ft. Well, my house is 1,700 sq ft. What should i do?
A.   If the area you are treating is larger than the labeled area than place ant bait stations only in concentrated areas of infestation. For instance, your kitchen counter and front door may be heavily infested, however, your living room may not have any ants at all. Therefore, you will concentrate on treating those isolated areas of infestation rather than treat your entire home. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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