Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait - 2 lbs.

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Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait - 2 lbs.
Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait - 2 lbs.
Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait - 2 lbs.
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Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait - 2 lbs.
1 jar(S)(2 lbs.)
Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait - 2 lbs.
2 jar(S)(2 lbs.)
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Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait Granular is great for the control of imported fire ants. In most cases drenching the ant mounds with a liquid insecticide will not eliminate the whole colony. Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait is meant for the worker ants to carry the product back to the colony and feed it to the other ants. Its delayed-action kill ensures that the fire ant bait is spread throughout the colony before it takes effect, eliminating the whole colony.

Customers Reviews(15)
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PDf Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait Product Label

PDf Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait - 2 lbs.

Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait provides effective control of fire ants with a Simply Irresistible formula and the exclusive Maxforce Domino Effect. Since foraging worker ants cannot eat solid food, they consume and contact the oil in the bait formula and carry the granules back to the nest where they are fed to the larvae. The larvae consume the bait, then regurgitate a liquid food containing fipronil that is fed to the rest of the colony, including the queens, through a process called trophalaxis. The Domino Effect is made possible by the delayed action kill of fipronil. Worker ants are able to make several trips back to the colony with bait before they die so entire colonies are controlled - even in hard-to-reach areas such as under sidewalks and driveways.

Target Pest(s): Imported Fire Ants, Pharaoh Ants and other ant species
Manufactured By: Bayer
Active Ingredient: Fipronil - .00045%
Size: 2 lbs.
Yield: 1.5 - 5 lb. per acre for broadcast treatment; 2 - 5 tablespoons for mounds treatment
Not For Sale To: NY

For use in and around: indoors or outdoors

Economical and easy to apply

The cost effective easy-to-use granules can be broadcast at a rate of 1.5 to 5.0 pounds per acre or applied as a mound treatment at a rate of 2 to 5 tablespoons per mound.

Labeled for application where you need it

Labeled for residential and commercial properties, Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait can be applied to home lawns, golf courses, sod farms, commercial and recreational turf, and landscape beds.

Low dose

Great control with less pesticide. Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait gets the job done with 0.00045% fipronil, so let your customers know you are controlling fire ants responsibly.

Application Directions

BROADCAST APPLICATIONS: Make broadcast applications of this product to turfgrass to control existing active imported fire ant populations. Apply when ants are actively looking for food; this is typically in the morning or evening. Do not apply Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait immediately before or after irrigation or rain. Fire ants will begin to die from a proper treatment in about 14 days. Do not reapply for 3-6 weeks.

Do not exceed 4 applications per year.

MOUND APPLICATIONS: Shake the granules uniformly around the mound, but do not disturb the mound. Broadcast the granules in a circle about 4 or 5 feet in diameter with the mound being the center of the circle. Apply when ants are actively looking for food; this is typically in the morning or evening. Do not apply Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait immediately before or after irrigation or rain. Fire ants will begin to die from a proper treatment in about 14 days. Do not reapply for 3-6 weeks.

Please refer to and follow the directions on the Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait product label.

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5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   mike  (Posted on )

I worked for a large lawn care company, this is the product they use on their customers and they offer a year guarantee, this is the reason i researched to find where i could purchase this product It works

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Hazel.M.  (Posted on )

I work as gardener for a farm. People only care about the garden and trees there but I work there and fire ants feast on me. I stay and work in the garden most of the time and I gotten bit more than thousands time over the years. So I had to do something to save my self and my job. I bought maxforce fc fire ant bait to kill those little monsters. I applied flexible doses and followed instructions and it worked really well.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Vernon Gallagher  (Posted on )

I'm highly allergic to fire ants, but I love working in my garden and lawn. I really didn't want to worry about fire ants getting in the way of doing what I love the ost and so my husband helped me by using Maxforce fire ant bait. It's really a great product and I don't need to worry about fire ants in my yard anymore.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   George P.  (Posted on )

Fire ants are, beyond a doubt, critters that you don’t want to fool around with. If you have a fire ant problem then you need a real solution. Fire ants are no joke and neither is this Maxforce bait. It kills any fire ant that comes into contact with it and quickly eliminates an entire colony. If you have fire ants then you need this stuff!

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Dennis Wade  (Posted on )

Effective product. The label says it all. I was impressed reading its label. And very well enough, I was satisfied with the result after using the product against the fire ants in my lawn. Maxforce Fire Ant Bait is the most excellent solution for eliminating fire ants.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Stephen Spivey  (Posted on )

I would really recommend this Maxforce fire ant poison product to everyone out there having problems with fire ants. It really is effective, no question about that. I’ve proven it already, now it’s your turn. So try this product!

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Sam Mercer  (Posted on )

When you encounter a fire ant infestation, naturally the first you would do is to search for products that would eliminate them. And so, I would recommend Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait. This product, I can very much attest to, is a great help in getting rid of fire ants!!

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Ralph Bass  (Posted on )

By far, the Maxforce fire ant bait is the best in the market to kill fire ants. It's a bait that I trust, something that you can trust as well!

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Rated by   Cynthia Jacobson  (Posted on )

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Alison Burton  (Posted on )

I've heard it too..."I've used everything else" but it's so true! I really think I've used just about everything else to kill these ants. But I had no regrets since I started using Maxforce Red Fire Ant Bait. Its result was great. Fire ants eventually disappeared.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Trevor D.  (Posted on )

If you’ve ever been stung by fire ants then you know that they’re a serious problem. What I didn’t know was how much damage they can do to property. We went out to our vacation house, which we hadn’t visited in a few months, and found that we had a fire ant infestation. I had been stung by them when I was a kid so I knew that we shouldn’t mess around with them. We bought the Maxforce bait, spread it around the mounds and went back home for a week or two. When we came back we were free from fire ants and only needed to clean up the corpses. Maxforce fire ant bait saved our vacation home.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Katharine Hall  (Posted on )

My personal choice for the treatment of ant mounds is Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait. Ever since I began using this product, seldom do I see ants around my backyard. It is worth the cost. I’m glad to share this to everyone.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Colin E.  (Posted on )

I’m responsible for grounds maintenance at a summer camp. The camp isn’t used during most of the year so when I finally showed up to get it ready for the summer I found quite a bit of fire ants. I’ve done a fair amount of pest control in the past and have had much success with granular bait. I applied the fire ant bait around a few visible mounds and in a few other areas I suspected were infested. It took a couple of days but eventually all the fire ants were dead and we were able to destroy the mounds without being attacked. This is a great product.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Rated by   Leonard Petersen  (Posted on )

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Jerry E.  (Posted on )

I was clearing out some old buildings on my father’s property when I felt an excruciating burning sensation on my leg. I looked down and saw fire ants crawling around the floor. I tried drenching the mound in liquid pesticide but it only seemed to make them mad. I talked to a friend of mine and he suggested that I try a granular bait. He specifically suggested this Maxforce bait because of it’s delayed kill formula. I spread some around the mound and a little through out the property and left it alone. I came back a week later and didn’t notice any fire ants at all. This bait killed all the fire ants and saved me a lot of pain in the process.

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Q. fire ant bait
can you ship Maxforce Fire Ant Bait to CA. ?
A.   Yes, since it is a registered product in California, we can send it there.
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Q. maxforce fire ant killer
wish to buy Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait Killer, but only if contains the fipronil. does the 2 lb jar for 29.99 contain this active ingredient and can you tell me the shelf life after opening and what the product's expiration date? thanks
A.   Thank you for contacting us with your question. This will last several years when kept in cool temperatures
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