Flyweb Gluepad - 10 Glue Pads / 1 Pack

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Flyweb Gluepad - 10 Glue Pads / 1 Pack
Flyweb Gluepad - 10 Glue Pads / 1 Pack
Flyweb Gluepad - 10 Glue Pads / 1 Pack
5 of 5 Stars!  Customers reviews (2)
SKU: T0034
Flyweb Gluepad - 10 Glue Pads / 1 Pack
1 pack(S)
Flyweb Gluepad - 10 Glue Pads / 1 Pack
3 pack(S)
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Get 3 for only 9.90 each
Flyweb Gluepad - 10 Glue Pads / 1 Pack
10 pack(S)
SAVE $48.90
Get 10 for only 7.10 each

The Fly Web glue pads for Fly Web Fly Traps come in packs of 10 pads with each glue pads trapping up to 100 flies. Simply peel away the protective plastic film and insert it into the inside slot of the Fly Web Fly Traps These pads are non-toxic and easy to handle.

Customers Reviews(2)
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Replacement Glue Cards for our Flyweb Fly Lights

Size: 1 pack includes 10 glue cards

Follow these simple steps tbefore plugging in your FlyWed Light trap. It will only take a moment to unleash the full effectiveness of your FlyWeb trap.

1. Remove the glue card from the fixture.

2. Peel back the plastic film to activate the sticky web-like glue.

3. Re-insert the activated glue card into the FlyWeb fixture.

4. Plug into a standard 110V outlet.

When choosing a location for your fixture please consider the following:

FlyWeb Insect Trap should be mounted to minimize competition from other light sources including windows. In food areas, mount traps close to, but not directly over exposed food or food preparation surfaces.

The glue cards are non-toxic and easily replaced when full (glue card will hold 50- 100 flies)

When the card becomes full, throw it away and install a fresh card.

Do not allow the glue card to become over-filled with dead insects as this will lessen the effectivness of the trap.

Do not change glue cards while unit is plugged in.

For use indoors in residential and light commercial areas.

Plug in the trap and imprison annoying flying insects in the kitchens, living rooms, happways, cafeterias and restaurants, bars, RVs, or motorcoaches.

FlyWeb Insect Management works 24/7 to create an insect- free environment.

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5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Miguel Shepard  (Posted on )

I just want you to let you guys know that the price for the replacement of GluePad is cheaper than they sell in other pest control companies. I saved $7 from buying at PestMall... I bought 3 of them which saved me $21!!!

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Sean Danaj  (Posted on )

I ran out of the glue pad because i was running my fly trap 24/7 so I bought 3 of them to get free shipping for myself. The product really works, the only downside is that you have to keep buying the traps when it runs out.

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Q. Could you please tell me what the size of the glueboard is?
A.   The measurements are 3.5" x 11".
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