Eco Exempt G Granules - 22lbs

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Eco Exempt G Granules - 22lbs
Eco Exempt G Granules - 22lbs
Eco Exempt G Granules - 22lbs
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SKU: G0008
Eco Exempt G Granules - 22lbs
1 bag(S)(22 lbs.)
Eco Exempt G Granules - 22lbs
2 bag(S)(22 lbs.)
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Eco Exempt G Granule is an all-natural, ready-to-use granular insecticide intended for perimeter treatment and/or broadcast treatments for outside applications such as lawn or landscaped areas. Eco Exempt G Granule penetrates into the soil and kills many pests such as ants, roaches, crickets, earwigs, worms, fleas, centipedes, millipedes, pillbugs, and other insect pests that come in contact with the product. Watering the soil after application, as well as applying Eco Exempt G Granule after rain is recommended.

Customers Reviews(6)
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Eco Exempt G Granules

Eco Exempt G Granules offers total residual protection that includes knockdown, kill and repellency to outdoor pests such as ants, cockroaches, centipedes and many more. Eco Exempt features Hexa-Hydroxyl, a combination of plant oils (Thyme Oil and Clove Oil) known to have potent insecticidal properties. Effective, safe and economical, this product provides the same performance as other pesticides without the risk to humans, animals and the environment.

Why Should You Use Eco Exempt G Granules?

Using natural oils for control of pests, Eco Exempt is one of the safest insecticides available.

Target Pest(s): Ants, Bermudagrass Mites, Centipedes, Chiggers, Chinch Bugs, Clover Mites, Cockroaches, Crickets, Earwigs, Fall Armyworms, Fleas, Leafhoppers, Millipedes, Pillbugs, Sowbugs and other lawn pests.
Manufactured By: EcoSMART Technologies
Active Ingredient: Eugenol (Clove Oil) - 2.90% Thyme Oil - 0.60%
Size: 22 lbs.
Yield/Application: 2 to 5 lbs per 1000 sq ft.
Not For Sale To: NY

Directions for Eco Exempt G Granules Use

Eco Exempt G is intended for outdoor applications only. With hand-operated or powered spreaders, use the product for outdoor perimeter treatments and broadcast applications. Reapply if necessary.

FOR PERIMETER TREATMENTS: Apply uniformly as possible to ground area around and adjacent to structures. Treat bands of soil measuring 6 to 10 ft. in width at the rate of 2 to 5 lbs. per 1,000 square feet.

FOR BROADCAST TREATMENTS IN TURF AND LANDSCAPED AREAS: Apply at a rate of 3 to 5 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. of area. Irrigate treated area with ⅛ to 1/4 inches of water for best results.

Where to Apply Eco Exempt G Granules

Eco Exempt G is for use in landscaped areas and perimeters around residential, institutional, public, commercial and industrial buildings.

Please refer to and follow the instructions on the Product label.

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5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Rated by   Alfred Randall  (Posted on )

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Sunny P.  (Posted on )

The Eco Exempt G Granules are natural so I really became attached to the product! Thank you so much!

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Andrew Vasey  (Posted on )

The Eco Exempt G Granules are great! I will be using these every year! I apply this after it rains and then I water the grass lightly after I put them on the ground and they seem to be more effective as if it had been enhanced! I highly recommend Eco Exempt G Granules!

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Will Olsen  (Posted on )

Using the Eco Exempt G Granules was very convenient! Eco Exempt G Granules kept the insects away from anywhere near my home! I saw that the grass looked healthier and the flowers were growing better than ever! The Eco Exempt G Granules are the greatest!

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Mr. Hanks  (Posted on )

I really enjoyed using the Eco Exempt G Granules product! Eco Exempt G Granules's just about the most organic granule I've ever used! It's very effective as well! I don't have anymore household pests intruding my home! Thanks so much Pest Mall!

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Jordana McNeely  (Posted on )

Using Eco Exempt G Granules was a great first impression of professional products for me. I thought professional products were harmful but I learned that it didn't always have to be since PestMall also offers quite a few selections of Natural and Organic sprays/granules/dusts! I love using professional products now!

Do You Have a Question about this Product? Ask Our Experts!

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Q. How many pounds of ECO EXEMPT G GRANULES can I apply in my lawn that is 100 square meter?
A.   This product is made for 2 to 5 lbs per 1000 square foot. You can apply 3-6 lbs of ECO EXEMPT G GRANULES for your 100 square meter lawn.
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Q. Fruit Trees
Is the Eco Exempt G product okay to use about fruit trees? Thanks,
A.   This product is not labeled for use around fruit trees or vegetable gardens. We have one product called Cyonara Lawn and Garden Spray that will work for a select number of pests. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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