Cricket Control

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Cricket Control
Cricket Control
Size: 5/8 - 13/16"
Color: Brown
Habitat: Indoor and outdoor
Found: Worldwide

Crickets Control

Crickets can be bothersome and destructive pests when they manage to get indoors. Aside from their loud chirps, these insects can feed on anything they get their hands on. From clothes, wallpaper, and even wood, crickets can devour almost any tangible item in a typical household. In addition, crickets can also “hop” and find their way into your food pantries and kitchens. Another big problem crickets can bring into the picture is when female crickets leave behind their eggs. To hundreds, even thousands, of cricket eggs could potentially be all over your house. These tiny eggs take about a year to hatch and they are almost impossible to detect.

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How to Get Rid of Crickets

Damages caused by crickets can cause a lot of inconvenience in your life. Have you ever found clothes or furniture destroyed by crickets? Let me tell you, it can be a depressing time especially when you have recently bought or repaired these items. Compared to other pest problems, getting rid of crickets in your house is quite simple. There are several cricket control products listed below that will assist you in getting rid of these pests. We recommend using poisons and/or baits when wanting to eradicate crickets indoors.

Cricket Control Products

  • Cricket Granular Bait
    Cricket bait is a more passive method in getting rid of crickets. Simply place the baits near the areas where crickets were/are seen. Cricket bait is only for crickets. Keep your children and pets away from the applied area.
  • Cricket Liquid/Spray Pesticides
    Equipped with chemicals catering to cricket control, spray the application in places where you see cricket infestations. Be careful when applying due to human-harmful chemicals.
  • Cricket Traps
    Traps are another great way of getting rid of your cricket problem. Cricket traps are best used outdoors for indoor prevention. Suggested places for traps: near windows, doors, and small crevices.
  • Cricket Dust Pesticides
    Use dust pesticides in voids/crevices where crickets may be nesting. Dust pesticides are a necessary mean if the population has access to cool damp areas such as crawl spaces. Crickets mate, lay eggs, and feed in these areas. Thus, treating inside and outside of crawl spaces will sustain their population growth.

Cricket Killer

In addition to cricket pesticides, make sure that you thoroughly clean your house. This can help ensure whether or not your control applications are working and could possibly recover areas that were initially forgotten. To ensure anymore crickets from finding their way into your home and into your closets, you must make your home "cricket-proof." Block off every point of entry that may be used by crickets.

First, seal all the cracks and known crevices along your walls, doors, windows and air vents. If the areas cannot be sealed off, you can try to use screens, cloths, basically anything that could potentially block off crickets from getting within your home. Crickets love plants. If you have a garden of plants around your house, keep them trimmed. Moreover, make sure your plants and grasses are at least 40 inches away from the walls of your home. Crickets typically gather near walls where plants are abundant. If not treated, they may consume through your walls to get inside. If you have a lot of stuff in your garage or in your garden, you should discard or clean it out as soon as possible. Debris and abundant sources of junk is where crickets usually congregate and create their nests. Therefore, be sure to clean these areas. In addition, other debris source are often gathered in drains and roof gutters where thousands of cricket eggs are normally found. Be sure to clean out these areas as often as you can.

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Q. how to cancel an order?
A.   If your order was placed after hours or in the mornings before 12 PM EST, you must contact us to cancel the order before 3 PM EST. The best way ensure the cancellation is to call us at 1-888-543-4142. If your order has already been shipped, unfortunately, we will not be able to cancel it.
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Q. can anyone purchase Boracare Termiticide
A.   Yes, anyone can buy Boracare from our web store. We do have a broker's license that allows us to sell it to the general public AS LONG AS they are using it for personal pest control and not for commercial resale or distribution.
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Q. How scoops of cyber wp goes into a 32oz bottle of water.
A.   Depending on the target pest, the dilution rate of Cyper WP is 1 or 2 scoops per gallon of water. Please refer to the product label for a list of the target pests and the dilution rate according to the target pest. Thank you.
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Q. What kills dust mites. Benzrid?
I had a bed couch steam cleaned and now keep getting bit by mites I covered the mattress allergy plastic cover How can I get rid of mites apparently in the rug :? What should I do Had the couch cleaned on the 9/7 applied cover 9/17
A.   There are several different products for Dust Mite control. Look into Steri-fab, which is a spray that does not have a residual but is great for an initial treatment or one time treatment. Also, Bedlam Bed Bug Spray has dust mites on the product label that is a great product as well and has a short residual of about 1 week to 2 weeks.
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Q. I Live in New York. Can I purchase Boracare Termiticide?
A.   Yes, you can. Boracare is registered in the New York.
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Q. What product to get for DrywoodTermite and will you shipped to Hong Kong
My mother has an apartment (on the 9th floor) in Hong Kong and she found termites. I believe they are drywood termites and she is looking for a spray to prevent the termites from developing again. I wonder if you can recommend a strong product and easy to apply - just spraying at the spot will be great. I also wonder if you shipped directly to Hong Kong. Thanks for your help.
A.   Premise Foam seems like the product you are looking for! However, we are unable to ship the product to Hong Kong due to strict regulations on international shipping.
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