Borrada LP Termite

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Borrada LP Termite
Borrada LP Termite
Borrada LP Termite
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Borrada LP Termite
1 bottle (1 Gal.)
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Borrada LP contains the same active ingredients as Boracare. Similar to the product Boracare, Borrada LP kills and prevents future wood damage by destroying wood decaying fungi and insects. Borrada LP can be applied in a form of spray or foam. It can also be injected into walls for spot treatments.

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PDfBorrada Product Label

PDfBorrada Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Borrada LP - 1 Gal.

Borrada LP has the same active ingredients as Boracare, but is relatively lesser in price. Apply Borrada LP to any form of wood surfaces. Borrada LP will kill and prevent any future wood damages. Borrade LP destroys wood decaying fungi and insects. Borrada LP can also be used as a spray or foam. It can even be injected into the walls. Borrada LP is a low toxicity pesticide registered with the EPA. It penetrates and protects all types of wood. Borrada LP deposits its active ingredient into the wood and does not decompose or vaporize like many other pesticides.

Target Pest(s): Borrada LP is effective for the treatment of wood (including components of structural wood-foam composite) against wood decay fungi including: brown (i.e. Poria) rots, white rots, wet rots, algae, wood-boring insects including termites, beetles, carpenter ants, Subterranean termites, Reticulitermes, Heterotermes, powder post beetles, Bostrichidae, Formosan Termites, Coptotermes, furniture and deathwatch beetles, Anobiidae, drywood termites, Kalotermes, Incisitermes, old house borers / Longhorn beetles, Cerambycidae, dampwood termites, Zootermopsis, Lyctidae, Ambrosia beetles, Scolytidae, Camponotus, cockroaches, and silverfish.
Manufactured By: Control Solutions
Size: 1 Gal.
Active Ingredient: Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate - 40.0%
Not for Sale to: AK, NY


Prepare an aqueous solution as stated above (1:2) and add surfactant/ foaming agent. Follow the instructions of the foaming agent and foam-generating equipment (refer to the foam machine equipment manufacturer manual and the surfactant label for specific instructions) to produce a foam with sufficient firmness to persist on the treated surface for several minutes. Borrada LP foam should be a drier consistency relative to the spray (higher expansion ratio) when filling interior voids bordered by drywall. Dilute Borrada LP according to the directions above. Treat infested wood by painting, spraying, and/or injecting the diluted Borrada LP solution. Apply to all infested and susceptible wood, being sure to thoroughly cover all infested areas. When spraying, apply with a coarse spray using low-pressure equipment. Borrada LP is not intended for use as a fine spray in low-volume or high pressure spray equipment. Apply a second coat to wood members that have only one or two exposed surfaces. In heavily infested areas, a second coat, applied at least 20 minutes after the initial application, will be effective more rapidly. If the infestation is not accessible from the surface, drill small holes into the wood in order to gain access to the infested area. Inject enough diluted solution to completely flood galleries or voids. Treat adjacent wood by injecting the Borrada LP dilution under pressure into drilled holes at 8 to10 inch intervals. Inject at 40 psi for 4 to 6 seconds per hole.

In basements and crawl spaces, apply one coat of Borrada LP dilution to the point of wetness to all infested and susceptible wood surfaces including sill plates, piers, girders, subfloors, floor joists and any wood exposed to vertical access from the soil. Note: disodium octaborate treatments are not recommended for use on wood that is in direct contact with soil. On wood where access is limited to 1 or 2 sides of the piece, (such as sills and plates on foundation walls) apply a second coat approximately 20 minutes after the first. Apply about 1 gallon of diluted Borrada LP per 200 square feet of floor area (400 square feet of wood surface area). Apply an additional treatment with a 1:1 dilution to crawlspace or basement interior surfaces of concrete, block, or brick. In crawl spaces, apply 2 feet up from ground level, 6 inches in from the wall surface.

For bath or other drain traps in slabs, apply Borrada LP as above to the slab surface around the trap, 1 foot out in all directions from the trap. Similarly, treat all plumbing and utilities that penetrate or protrude from slabs or adjacent wood for a distance of at least 6 inches out from the penetration or protrusion, and 2 feet up on the plumbing or other utility surface. Treat buildings on slabs by locating each stud and drilling a small hole through the wall covering adjacent to the side of each stud every 18-24 inches along its length in order to gain access to the infested area. Inject at least 1/3 fluid ounce of Borrada LP dilution per hole. In order to treat the base plate in each void, drill at least one hole per stud bay near the floor. Treat entire wall areas as opposed to single stud bays in order to include the infested area completely in the treatment zone. For bath or other drain traps in slabs, apply Borrada LP as indicated above to the slab surface around the trap 1 foot out in all directions from the trap.

On wood flooring, it is necessary to remove any existing finish by complete coarse sanding or stripping prior to application. Dilute Borrada LP to 2 parts water : 1 part Borrada LP as described above, and apply by spray, paint brush, or roller at a rate of 1 gallon of dilution per 500 square feet of floor surface. For control of subterranean or Formosan termites, a second coat may be required. Wait one hour between coats. Allow floor to completely dry (maximum 10% moisture content) before refinishing. This will take at least 48 to 72 hours. Application of an aqueous solution such as Borrada LP dilutions may raise the wood grain slightly. If so, a very light sanding should be done before applying a finish. Borrada LP is compatible with most floor coatings. However, it is recommended that a small section of floor is treated first to test for complete adhesion before the entire floor surface is refinished. NOTE: If there is evident residue on the floor surface even after 72 hours of drying time, wash the floor with clean water, rinsing frequently. Allow additional drying time, sand very lightly, and apply finish as above.

To treat voids, wall studs and wood members not otherwise accessible, spray or mist the solution into voids and channels in damaged/infested wood and/or through small holes drilled into walls and baseboard areas. If present within the wall space, it may be necessary to first remove or displace insulation. Drill holes no more than 18 inches apart along each wood member to be treated. In addition, drill at least 1 hole mid-way between each pair of wall studs when treating base plates. Spray all areas to the point of wetness.

Foam applications:

Apply foamed Borrada LP dilution to void spaces; The Borrada LP mixture will expand with foaming agent to produce a foam with sufficient firmness to stay in place while soaking into the wood. A drier foam is preferred when treating voids lined with drywall. Apply enough foam to contact all wood surfaces, completely filling the void space. Foam insulation may be treated with injection of a dilution of 2 parts water: 1 part Borrada LP into the infested area and/or by low pressure surface spraying at a rate of one 1 gallon of this dilution per 300 to 400 square feet. For foam insulation, surface spraying will not be sufficient on materials with closed cell structures which do not allow significant penetration from surface application. Surface spraying will not be sufficient with insulations suchs as polyisocyanurate and extruded polystyrene. Injectionmay be required to treat such insulations.

Please refer to and follow the directions on the Borrada LP product label.

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