Archer IGR - 1 Pint

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Archer IGR - 1 Pint
Archer IGR - 1 Pint
Archer IGR - 1 Pint
5 of 5 Stars!  Customers reviews (22)
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Archer IGR - 1 Pint
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Archer IGR - 1 Pint
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Archer IGR - 1 Pint
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Archer Insect Growth Regulator contains Pyripoxyfen, a pyridine-based insecticide that is highly potent against a wide variety of pest insects including ants, cockroaches, crickets, carpet beetles, fleas, ticks, flies, gnats, midges, mosquitoes and moths.

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Archer IGR - 1 Pint

Archer IGR is a powerful insect growth inhibitor which acts by disrupting the life cycles of pest insects. Archer IGR contains a growth inhibitor known as Pyriproxyfen. This active ingredient acts by preventing insects from developing into reproductive adults, to effectively control insect populations and infestations.

Archer IGR's formulation provides a residue that lasts for up to 7 months and does not break down in sunlight. When applied as directed, the product leaves no stains or odors.

Why Should You Use Archer IGR ?

Archer IGR effectively controls insect populations by preventing these pests from developing into reproducing adults.

Target Pest(s): Ants, Cockroaches, Crickets, Carpet Beetle, Fleas, Ticks, Flies, Gnats, Midges, Mosquitoes, Moths, Litter Beetles
Manufactured By: Syngenta
Active Ingredient: Pyriproxyfen - 1.3%
Size: 1 Pint
Yield/Application: 20 oz of Archer IGR makes 16 gallons of solution 2 oz/gal per 1000 cu ft for cockroaches and crickets 1oz/gal per 1000 cu ft for flies, fleas, ticks and litter beetles

Target Pest(s):

Ants, Cockroaches, Crickets, Carpet Beetle, Fleas, Ticks, Flies, Gnats, Midges, Mosquitoes, Moths, Litter Beetles

Directions for Archer IGR Use

Archer IGR can be used for crack and crevice treatments, surface treatments and perimeter treatments. Use Archer IGR as directed in the product label. Please refer to the product label and MSDS sheets for application instructions and precautions.

For best results, Archer IGR should be applied using sprayers. Before applications, spray equipment should be thoroughly cleaned and checked for leaks.

Mix Archer IGR to water as recommended in the product label. Mix 2 fluid ounces of the product to a gallon of water to control ants, cockroaches and crickets. To control fleas, ticks, carpet beetles, dermestids and flying insects, mix one fluid ounce of Archer IGR to a gallon of water.

Where to Apply Archer IGR

Archer IGR can be used in and around homes, apartments, schools, warehouses, commercial buildings, public buildings, industrial buildings, non-food handling and processing areas, transport vehicles and animal housing facilities.

Please refer to and follow the instructions on the Archer IGR label.

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4 of 5 Stars! (4/5)    Review by   jason F.  (Posted on )

I am now using Archer IGR; it is odor-free and does not leave a stain. Great product and I was very satisfied with the result.

4 of 5 Stars! (4/5)    Review by   John D.  (Posted on )

As I was cleaning my attic, I found roaches. I asked the help of a friend who is a professional exterminator. He suggested the use of Archer IGR and also some roach bait. I applied it and the result was great. It did not leave a bad odor in my attic. It was an excellent solution. No more roaches.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Jay Powell  (Posted on )

insects fleas
I was wondering why I found pests in my kitchen area most especially ants when in fact I clean it regularly. So my concern now is on how to eliminate them. A friend told me about Archer IGR and how it helped her get rid of pests. I tried to use the product hoping these pests will be minimized but to my surprise all of them were gone. It was super effective, and beyond my expectation. Superb!

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Roberta Williford  (Posted on )

mosquitoes and more
I have been encountering problems with mosquitoes in the house. I’ve tried using different kinds of insecticide to stop their growth but they were not good enough. But when I was introduced to Archer IGR, things have changed. I can now sleep soundly in the night, no more worries that me and my family are in danger from these mosquitoes because ever since I applied this product mosquitoes disappeared. Amazing!

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Carmen Fields  (Posted on )

This is the great product. I’ve used it against different kinds of pest insects including fleas and flies. It proved very effective. Try it and you’ll be relieved from all these infesting insects. I would highly recommend the use of this product. It is safe and worth every penny. Super amazing!

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Rated by   Crystal Powers  (Posted on )

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Carrie Jacobson  (Posted on )

I was shocked seeing my storage room full of pests. Ants, cockroaches, there were even crickets and flies. I wasn’t sure what insecticide to use against them. I searched the internet and found Archer IGR. According to its label, it is highly potent against a wide variety of pest insects. Without second thoughts, I bought the product. I used it with a different insecticide that I bought to kill em and I was greatly surprised with the result. The pests were gone and did not come back since then.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Rated by   Colleen Buchanan  (Posted on )

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Shirley Pennington  (Posted on )

igr for fleas
We had a major problem with fleas and it was ridiculous how difficult it was to get rid of them. I called Pest Mall and they don't me how to get rid of them in detail. They told me about using an IGR. I didn't even know what it was until they told me and Archer was one of the IGR's that the person told me about. I tried it and to my surprise, it REALLY helped with the treatment and the population was really going down every time we treated. Great product!

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Rated by   Theresa Meadows  (Posted on )

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Dick W.  (Posted on )

I own a family home so these pesticides have to be carefully selected, my children are at that young age where they literally play with anything they can set their eyes on and are rolling around in practically every corner of the room. What I love about it is the low hazard, I have been using it for almost 2 months now and my kids have not developed any skin rushes or funny dermatological conditions, it doesn’t smell, my furniture is not stained and yet all the small carpet beetles are gone and I also don’t have to worry about fleas, especially with my little kids. I have also started using it outside together with my old pesticide and I have noticed that most of the moths have disappeared and also the ants are disappearing although they seem to be more resistant to it, mosquitoes have gone down, which is a change considering before my daughter had bites every night and she was also beginning to find it difficult getting to sleep, with the mosquito buzzes, so for me its a great relief. The price was a little out of my range but nevertheless, it is long lasting so definitely worth each and every dime.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Martha D.  (Posted on )

insects in house
I have had a problem with bugs for a long time now and I keep on buying different pesticides with no permanent solution. This has been very expensive for me, so finding ‘Archer’ was amazing, it works on ants, cockroaches, crickets, basically most of the pests that were troubling me, I mean, sometimes I would take out a pan to cook and I would find cockroach eggs, or whatever, so it was a fantastic purchase, considering it is very effective in such a small quantity..!!

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Roland P.  (Posted on )

I recommend this product. Great relief.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Rated by   Jessie Nelson  (Posted on )

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Rated by   Neal Barry  (Posted on )

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Richard L.  (Posted on )

Fantastic purchase!

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Rated by   Jordan Tate  (Posted on )

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Katie Thomson  (Posted on )

Nice product!!

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Jeanne Gray  (Posted on )

Once the safety of my family is at risk, I make sure I would do everything for them. When pest insects started infesting our home my child started to have skin rashes, I used every insecticide given to us. They were working but not well enough. I used Archer in addition to the other products I was using and it did just the trick. Since then, those bugging pests were gone. My child’s health was back to normal. And it just feels great to have a clean and safe home.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Rick Hess  (Posted on )

This product is very effective in controlling insect populations. Very helpful in the home because it inhibits the growth of these pests. Thus, eventually eliminating them all. I have used this at home because mosquitoes and flies are becoming a nuisance. I was satisfied with the result. Great product!

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Kathleen C.  (Posted on )

When looking for pesticides, stain-free and odor are very important factors for me, I am always entertaining guests and honestly, a fowl smelling home is very uninviting. ‘Archer’ provides a good balance between effectiveness and comfort, my carpets are spotless, my Air-wick is not out-shined and all for such an incredible price. I am also looking to replace my outdoor pesticide with this one as I have some persistent ants and moths, I hope it does the same as it has for the carpet beetles. Highest compliments, and I would recommend this especially for the indoors, it has done for me wonders.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Jina Peterson  (Posted on )

I liked how this product was so professional including the results! With the help of a Chapin 1 Gallon Sprayer, the task of spraying the substance was so simple and mess free! It left no stains which I was extremely content with! I recommend this to anyone that’s looking for a big money saving deal, and fast easy results!

Do You Have a Question about this Product? Ask Our Experts!

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Q. carpet beetles problem
I have a problem with carpet beetles and I want to eliminate these pests using Archer IGR. How often should I apply this product?
A.   We recommed to repeat treatment after 21 days if needed. Keep in mind that this product is a growth regulator and not a killing agent.
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Q. Archer IGR Coverage.
How much of Archer IGR should I use in treating interior areas and surfaces?
A.   We recommend applying dilution of Archer Insect Growth Regulator at the rate of 1 gal./1,500 sq. ft. of surface area, or in sufficient volume to achieve adequate coverage. Treat all areas that may harbor fleas, ticks, or carpet beetles, including carpets, furniture, pet sleeping areas, and throw rugs. Treat under cushions of upholstered furniture and where pets may rest.
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Q. Archer IGR Product Safe
I want to treat my chickens with Archer IGR, is this product safe to use around poultry housing?
A.   We recommend treating bird cages or stock pens only after removal of animals. It is not advisable to make interior applications of Archer IGR in areas of facility where animals are present. Animals can only re-enter the treated areas as long as the product has completely dried.
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Q. igr insect growth regulator
Is Archer IGR safe to use on carpets?
A.   Yes. As stated in the product label, Archer IGR can be used on carpets, furniture, pet sleeping areas and throw rugs.
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Q. restaurants use
Is Archer IGR safe to use around restaurants?
A.   Archer Insect Growth Regulator is not approved for application to food areas. Do not use in food areas of food handling establishments, restaurants, or other areas where foods are commercially prepared or processed. Archer IGR may only be used in serving areas when facility is not in operation or food is not exposed.
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Q. Archer IGR Kill Fleas.
I want to use this product to treat fleas but will Archer IGR also kill adult fleas?
A.   Archer IGR acts on immature stages of fleas to prevent the development of adults. If a high population of adult fleas is present, we recommend using adulticide for immediate control. Archer Insect Growth Regulator may be combined with flea adulticides such as Talstar Pro insecticide indoors, Demand CS, or Demon WP insecticide products outdoors.
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Q. Archer IGR Safe
Is this product safe to use around pets?
A.   Of course, according to the manufacturer, pets that ingest large amount of Archer IGR will show allergic reactions to the chemicals. Once the product is dilluted with water and sprayed, it has only small amount of the active ingredient and it's only enough to effect the insects. Please review the product label before you apply any pesticide.
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Q. Archer Insect Growth Regulator Roach Flea Tick IGR Pint Archer Insect Growth Regulator Roach Flea Tick IGR Pint
Hi, will this work in my yard as well for mosquitos too? thanx for your time.....Teresa ;0)
A.   Archer will work on mosquitoes as well. You can spray in the yard as well. However, it is just an insect growth regulator. It will not have a killing effect on the insects, it will just prevent them from further growth and reproduction.
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Q. archer igr
How long does Archer IGR stay effective?
A.   Archer IGR's formulation provides a residue that lasts for up to 7 months and does not break down in sunlight.
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Q. Archer IGR for cockroaches
I want to use Arcer IGR inside the house for treating cockroaches. Is this product safe to use around pets and children?
A.   Yes, we recommend to vacate pets and children from the treated area and can only re-enter as long as the product has completely dried. It is advisable to place the container of the product in cool and dry area not accessible to pets or children.
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