Advantage Fly Banquet Fly Attractant - 1 pack of 10

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Advantage Fly Banquet Fly Attractant - 1 pack of 10
Advantage Fly Banquet Fly Attractant - 1 pack of 10
Advantage Fly Banquet Fly Attractant - 1 pack of 10
5 of 5 Stars!  Customers reviews (7)
SKU: FT010
Advantage Fly Banquet Fly Attractant - 1 pack of 10
1 Pack(S) of 10
Advantage Fly Banquet Fly Attractant - 1 pack of 10
2 Pack(S) of 10
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The Advantage Fly Banquet Fly Attractant lures a wide variety of flies such as: stable flies, blow flies, house flies, sludge flies, blue/green flies, large gnats, etc.

The Advantage Fly Banquet Fly Attractant is chemical-free attractant containing all-natural ingredients, such as: chicken, fish, natural herbs, and spices.

This makes it safe to use around pets/animals and children. Remember, this is simply an attractant; therefore, it should be used with glue boards to actually capture the flies.

Customers Reviews(7)
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Advantage Fly Banquet Fly Attractant - 1 pack of 10

The Advantage Fly Banquet Fly Attractant is a non-toxic attractant that consists of preserved food sources such as fish and chicken. The water-activated attractant is used together with glue pads or liners to trap flies and other insects. Advantage Fly Banquet is used together with Advantage Fly Traps for maximum efficiency. Standard issue to all Advantage Fly Trap Kits, attractants are also sold separately as refills to existing trap units.

Why Should You Use Advantage Fly Banquet Fly Attractant ?

The product is safe to use around children and pets for it contains no harmful chemicals. With powerful luring properties and having a much wider range, Advantage Fly Banquet works better than any other bait.

Target Pest(s): Domestic Flies, Blow Flies, Blue/Green flies, Large Gnats, House Flies, Stable Flies, Sludge Flies
Manufactured By: J.F. Oakes
Active Ingredient: Natural Ingredients

Pheromones ((Z)-9-Tricosen)

Quantity: 10 packs
Yield/Application: 1 pack per unit of Advantage Fly Trap
Compatibility: Advantage Fly Trap units

Directions for Advantage Fly Banquet Fly Attractant Use

Install the disposable liner inside the trap body and empty a packet of Advantage Fly Banquet fly attractant on top of the liner. Spread the attractant contents as evenly as possible to the liner. Add water to the attractant following recommended amounts and mix well. Cover the trap using the fly trap cap and install the rain lid on top.

Replace liners when full of insects, every 10 days or as needed. acepestcontrolproducts offers refills for the traps' consumable and disposable components.

Please click here for liner refills.

Fly Banquet Instructions

1. Add enclosed packet of Fly Banquet into trap liner.

2. Add water to fill mark.

3. Replace fly trap top.

4. Allow 24-48 hours to fully active.

5. Remove and dispose of trap liner when full of dead insects. (every 10 days or as needed)

Where to Use Advantage Fly Banquet Fly Attractant

Advantage Fly Traps can be used indoors or outdoors. Place traps where flies frequent such as houses, barns and animal cages. Place traps not higher than 3 feet above the ground. Expose traps to the sun to improve catch. Move traps to shaded areas when temperatures reach 80°F. Remember to cover the trap's top entry holes with the rain lid when installing outdoor traps. If more traps are installed, each trap must be 30 feet away from each other.

Please refer to the product label for installation instructions and recommendations.

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5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Patsy Ellis  (Posted on )

Nice product!!

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Geoffrey Sigmon  (Posted on )

best product currently available

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Cher V.  (Posted on )

My husband and I are very big on “do it yourself” solutions to common problems so when we found out about this attractant we thought it would be perfect for some home made fly traps. The instructions were easy to follow and the attractant was very easy to mix up. We used it in a variety of different traps and had some great success with a number of them. It seems to attract bugs from a good distance away but doesn’t leave any weird odor behind. We’ve found that it works best for about 10 days to two weeks after which the traps were so full we had to empty them anyway. This stuff is like magic and flies just love it, we highly recommend this product!

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Loyd G.  (Posted on )

We have been using the Advantage fly trap for a while now and it has been performing very well. This attractant is a great addition to a great product and seems to work very well. I like that it is made with natural ingredients as I am a bit of an eco-nut and try to only use natural products whenever I can. Mixing and using the attractant is pretty easy and I have to say that it works very well. Since we’ve been using it we hardly ever notice any flies and we end up catching a full load of flies every two weeks or so. This is the most effective attractant I’ve used and I highly recommend it.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Zoe D.  (Posted on )

This fly attractant is very easy to mix up and easy to install into traps. The only thing I don’t like about it is that I think it smells a little funky when you first open the package. I’ve asked other people and they say they hardly notice it so maybe its just me. After a few hours I don’t smell it at all and it works very well for a good while. If you’re inundated by flies, especially in the summer, then you need to call out the big guns and this attractant is irresistible to flies.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Daphne T.  (Posted on )

Every year my house gets filled with tiny gnats and fruit flies no matter what I do. I had tried some traditional fly traps without much luck. As a total neat freak I can’t stand letting people see these bugs and they’re impossible to swat. Finally fed up, I invested in the Advantage Fly Trap and made sure to buy extra attractant. This past year I was almost completely free of those tiny little buggers and had no problem refilling the attractant. This is really a great product and has given me my home back.

5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)    Review by   Nikki Richman  (Posted on )

I was immediately appealed to this product when I read that it was all natural. I gladly invested in this Advantage Fly Banquet Fly Attractant and a Fly Trap that I bought at Pest Mall as well. After 10 days of easy use, there were a bunch of dead flies in the trap. Great results and great price!

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